• Mere words cannot express my gratitude for the difference that Judy has made to my well being. She is a caring person who blends modern medicine and eastern holistic philosophies in a subtle but guiding manner. She takes the time to go beyond the initial diagnosis and gets to the bottom of her patient’s needs. Her approach heals not only the body but also the mind and soul. She has guided me in a subtle and firm manner, offering thoughts and suggestions that lead me to examine my health and what I need to do be a robust and happy individual. I find myself leaving each therapy session feeling invigorated and encouraged on my path to physical prosperity.” – Richard
  • Judy has a refreshing modern approach which is a powerful synthesis of ancient disciplines. Her healing touch and positive intention make for rejuvenating visits, and she’s pointed me in new directions for my own healing journey. She’s cognizant of various holistic healing traditions, yet remains open-minded to explore new methods. Her personal story is truly inspiring, and it allows her a relate deeply to modern issues of lifestyle stresses, understanding the urban business life and coming full circle herself to a more connected way of living.” – B.B.
  • Judy exudes the perfect balance of science and art.  She is so knowledgeable, yet has such a caring and gentle approach that makes you feel so at ease.  She takes her time to address all of my concerns and thoroughly explains the ongoing plan.  I am so grateful for my experience with Judy.” -Danielle Johnston
  • When I woke up in the morning my neck muscles hurt so badly I was afraid to get out of bed. I didn’t know if I could leave the apartment. I was afraid the pain would keep me from living my life and getting work done for days or weeks. When I saw her, Judy listened so carefully, showed so much respect and seemed to really care about getting me out of pain. She then threw everything she could at me so I could keep my travel schedule.When I left her office, the pain was at least halved. I could walk around without stabbing pain. Days later my sleep was more comfortable and I was much more confident I could get better. She was the first person who could reduce such a distracting difficulty. I’m so grateful.” -Charles Vogl